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A little piece.

So now Facebook has taken me aback.

One of my half sisters has friend requested me. I don't know how to feel about this. The whole situation is so awkward.

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Okay, just a little piece of who I am.


Inspired by a friend who is going to work on the Iditarod veterinary team next year and wrangling horses in the cold, these are my personal favorite things to keep warm with this season.

1. Extreme cold weather flight jacket. This coat features a zip up hood that allows your face to stay warm as well as unzips so that the hood sits comfortably on your back. I bought this jacket to go skiing in and found that it is actually too warm to ski in. I don't know a warmer jacket unless you are willing to pay $600 for this

2. Fingerless gloves. You can wear these indoors and out with the ability to do anything... my personal favorite outdoors its fucking cold activity being smoking.

3. Extreme Cold Weather Military Issue Long Johns. I came across these because I had a boyfriend who was stationed in Alaska. I delivered pizza in these on very cold nights and wear them underneath my pants nearly all winter long. I really don't know how people stay warm without long johns. :) In fact, I need to get some new ones as mine have holes I have worn them so much.

4. Electric blanket. 'nuff said.

5. Wool socks. Mmmmmmmm.... warm.

6. Ear muffs. I find ear muffs superior to wearing a hat because they keep the dang wind out of your ears.

7. Faux Fur Bolero Jacket I wore this on my wedding day, outdoors in the winter (with my long johns underneath my dress!). I love it for a stylish dressed up look.

8. Vintage muff Another item from my wedding. I wore a muff many years ago and found them to be warmer than gloves. Of course the disadvantage is the loss of your hands but this accessory looks great for dress up.

9. Fleece pull over. I stole my husband's and I don't think there is a warmer article of clothing in the house. Love it!

10. Fluffy Siberian Husky. These dogs know how to stay warm. Every characteristic of their breed is designed to stay warm from the hair between their toes to their fluffy tails that double over as nose warmers. Mine sits on my lap and cuddles me in the cold. This dog does not require a pampered pooch dog sweater and is a great companion in the snow.

What's on your list?


Broken heart.

School has become incredibly obnoxious.

I had the unfortunate experience of having my equine rotation only 4 weeks long. Most rotations are supposed to be 8 weeks long. I had asked the clinical coordinator to extend it and she denied my request. One of the techs at ABQ Equine even called on my behalf (surprise to me, actually I had no idea she was going to do this) to tell the coordinator that my heart is in equine medicine and that I was an excellent student. The woman who followed me to ABQ Equine for a 4 week rotation got hers extended to 8.

This breaks my heart to no end. Another woman is also placed at ABQ Equine and comes into class (with a sense of humor) saying that she is not a horse person, has no experience, and feels awkward there.

This hurts. It really does. I love the horses so much. It breaks my heart to hear students complain on this rotation when I would happily be there.

I've composed a letter and I need to grow a pair and send it. I also am starting to think that I need to forward it to the Dean. Is that what the Dean is there for? I'm not sure if that's taking it to far or not.

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I have cried over this. There are so many problems with this program and the main one is the Clinical Coordinator.

I also feel that with everything going on at school its been hard for me to focus on anything else. This includes Ethan, David, BN, and my house.

I probably am going to need beers this weekend. I plan on sending this tomorrow night. I need some support, friends.
As a preteen and young teen I was fairly obsessed with Star Trek. My sister and I had gone to three conventions and had taped all of TNG and TOS on vhs and would spend summer evenings up all night watching episode after episode. We also read books, collected figures... it is probably safe to say that I like Star Trek more than Star Wars.

I admit, I prepared myself to be disappointed. Namely because I don't have much faith in such things *star wars* *cough* *cough* *cough*

I was fully entertained from opening to end. In fact, this might be the most entertained I have ever been in a movie theatre. I cried and laughed (in that order) and found myself appreciating the young cast (and the eye candy value). More than anything it reminded me of my favorite TNG episode, Tapestry. Obviously not in plot but in giving the character's a more personal story line involving their younger years. spoilersCollapse )

On another note, its not like seeing Batman where that kind of movie attracts everyone, Star Trek tends to attract fans. It was also nice to hear that the film translated for non-fans as well. There were a group of guys dressed up. I got a marriage proposal and a red shirt telling me that he would die for me. LOLZ.

I recommend this movie to everyone. Now, I just need to find a Burger King in Albuquerque that is *not* out of Kirk and Spock cups.

Before I left, I pulled up some images of TOS women to find some hairstyles. I am pretty darn pleased with how this came out:
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After my hunt for glasses I may just watch Tapestry and perhaps get on a DS9 marathon for the evening.


I have a giant box of boys clothes ages 3-4ish. It also includes shoes and slippers. Free just come pick it up! If you would like it please comment.



help me!!!

hey guys!

I have some flier images! This is the first time that I have multiple images to choose from ! Woo hoo!!! Thanks to some very talented friends.

we always miss things. Please tell me, casual observer if these fliers make sense and give all the information needed for the show.

Also please let me know what is working and what isn't. I would also like input on which one makes a stronger print flier? I need to send off the final image to print tomorrow and I really can't decide!!!

Please be constructive and don't say unnecessarily mean comments. I want useful advice!

The original images were here in case anyone forgot. ;)

Anonymous commenting should be enabled.

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Free Little Boy's Clothes

Would anyone like a box of little boy's clothes? Sizes 3T and smaller. It has shorts, pants, pajammies, shirts, sweaters, long sleeve shirts. All in used but good condition.

If so, please come pick it up from me soon! You have to take the whole box.

I will take it to goodwill next Monday if no one wants it.
kryptongirl, here we are on the News 13 page. I think I will wear my Batman fangirl outfit everywhere. Jocelyn and I have received a lot of attention. Its quite funny, actually.

I am now doubly thankful that I was able to make the trip to Phoenix. IMAX has ruined me for all movies now. The scenes shot in IMAX are obvious and wonderful additions to the film. One scene in the movie that got a giant audience reaction in IMAX didn't even seem noticeable at Century.

The sound is the most different. The sound in the IMAX was deafening and I thought I couldn't breathe. Your seat shakes.

If Albuquerque had an IMAX, I think I would go to the movie theatre all of the time. If you are out of town and have an opportunity to see TDK on IMAX I highly recommend it.

The movie is amazing one way or the other, but imagine the movie being 100 x more intense.

I wish I could be more descriptive but I am exhausted and am already late for work.

So, did you like it?


Jul. 17th, 2008

I'd like to go get pie after the movie tonight. However, I have to go to work at 9 am tomorrow and the movie is 2 1/2 hours long.

And it occurred to me that J and I walked out of the theatre and couldn't speak. That's right, f-list, kryptongirl was speechless.

Would anyone like to maybe go grab a bite to eat before the movie? Although I can't think of where, and at that late.

We are also plotting the 2nd Annual Sexy Party celebrating David's 30th Birthday for September 13. Its been quite some time since we threw a party. That's also CC month so I hope my boss doesn't throw a fit about the amount of time off. Again.


I'm gonna make this pencil disappear.

For those of you wondering,

The 400 miles were so worth it.

Its a shame there isn't an IMAX in Albuquerque because that's how this movie needs to be watched.

80 foot giant screen and killer sound system left me feeling like I couldn't breathe.

The theatre was only about half full. The WB representative kept announcing to the crowd that we had come from Albuquerque to see the film.

If Heath Ledgerls daughter doesn't go home with the Oscar, the Academy fails. No wonder he needed to be on medication after the role.

I hope Four Hills gets their midnight showing together. I almost think that seeing the film on Thursday night will be disappointing, not because the movie isn't amazing but because IMAX was incredible.

I won't say anything more until Friday.



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